Where boredom, is unheard of...

Hello there, welcome to the ProdigyX forums. If you are new here, you may be wondering.. "Why should I pick this server over many other servers in the rsps community?" Well, let me just give you some main information on how we run things here, at ProdigyX.

First off, we are dedicated. We take all suggestions from our players and try our best to apply them in-game. We take care of all our players that require assistance. We make sure our players experience only the best here, at ProdigyX. We're unique and like nothing else. We have potential and we will reach our goals to become a very well known server in the runescape private server community. Thank you for choosing ProdigyX and enjoy your stay in-game, and around the forums while socialisng with others.

Would you like to donate to keep the server alive? Click the button above and it will redirect you to the donation page. For more donator information and prices of donator status' and other custom donations, 

Click Here!

Download the server client and start playing instantly! After clicking the button below the client will automatically start downloading.

Note: the webclient is not functional at the moment. Sorry for any incoveniences.

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